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Residential Living

MCM Faith INC. forging ahead with the leading 18 month assisted living residential program in New York City, providing support to an often under serviced society

Our Mission

MCM Faith Inc. is leading the way for residential housing programs by providing both men and women a clean, safe & sober living environment with ZERO TOLERANCE toward drug and & alcohol use.

Our program includes the structure a person suffering from the disease of addiction & mental illness needs. This includes supportive and counseling services, education & training for independent living skills necessary to become a productive and successful member of society.

Client Services

Referrals To And For:

 -Career Development Skills-

-Job Placement Assistance-

-Substance Abuse Treatment-

-All Medical Needs-

-Case Management-

-Crisis Intervention-

-Parental Workshops-

-Social Skills Training-

-GED/Vocational Training-

-Confidential Supportive Groups (for men & women)-

-Food Pantry & Clothes Pantry-

-In-House Groups-

-In-House Ministry (Christian & non-denominational)-

-In-House Workshops (health issues)-

-Conflict Resolution-

-Anger Management-

-Mental Health Issues-




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